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Off-Campus Parking

  • Plan to Bring A Vehicle to Campus?
    If you plan to bring a vehicle to campus, make sure you have a place to park and keep in mind that spaces in Ann Arbor are very limited.
  • Vehicle Safety
    If you have a car on campus, consider these tips from the U-M Police Department to keep yourself and your vehicle safe.
  • City Parking Information
    The City of Ann Arbor’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA) provides metered parking, public parking structures, attended parking lots, monthly and yearly parking permits for designated lots. Non-metered parking is available on many residential side streets near campus. State law requires that your vehicle be park a minimum of three feet from any driveway and 15 feet from fire hydrants.
  • Residential Parking Permit Brochure
    Not being able to find a parking space in your neighborhood can be a frustrating experience. The City of Ann Arbor has initiated a program that serves as a solution to many of the parking problems in residential neighborhoods, this brochure will explain more.