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Once You Move In

  • Off Campus Housing Assistance
    Having a dispute with your roommate or landlord? Learn more about the dispute resolution services offered in the Dean of Students office.
  • Be A Good Neighbor
    Remember that your off-campus neighbors live just feet away. Maintain a positive relationship with students or Ann Arbor residents next door and keep these helpful tips in mind.
  • Explore Beyond the Diag
    U.S. News and World Report recently ranked Ann Arbor one of the Top 10 College Towns in America. With so much to see and do in your off-campus neighborhood, we recommend you explore Beyond the Diag.
  • Trash Collection and Recycling
    Ann Arbor contracts with Recycle Ann Arbor to provide free, easy-to-use recycling collection and processing services.
  • Recycling & Reuse Options in Ann Arbor
    Moving off-campus can be a huge adjustment with many new things to learn. Since recycling guidelines vary from city to city, we want to make sure you know how it all works in Ann Arbor.
  • Cutting Costs by Living Green
    On top of rent each month, you will likely be responsible for paying many of the utilities for your off-campus house or apartment. Here are some ways to significantly cut costs while reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Local Laws
    Be respectful and stay in control. Please direct your attention to this list of local laws and ordinances.
  • Tips for a Safe Off-Campus House
    Always remember to lock your door and review these tips to protect your home and your belongings.
  • U-M Safety Resources
    There are many resources provided by the University of Michigan to help you think about your personal safety, talk about safety with your friends, and share responsibility for keeping our campus community a safe place.
  • Party Smart
    Whether you plan to host or attend a party, it is important to stay safe and legal while enjoying a night out. Here are some recommendations to help minimize risk for yourself and your guests.
  • Stay in the Blue
    Staying in the Blue means keeping your blood alcohol content (BAC) at low-risk levels of .06 or below.
  • Late Night Transportation
    SafeRide is a free service that transports students, faculty, and staff to their residence or vehicle in their off-campus neighborhood.
  • U-M Parking and Transportation Service
    This flow chart will indicate the types of Special Transit Services available to U-M students and explain when to use them.
  • Bike Safety
    For many members of the University community, bicycling is the preferred mode of travel around campus. Do your part to stay safe when biking by being aware of this information.
  • Protecting Your Security Deposit
    A security deposit includes any rent you pay in advance – please refer to the timeline of what to expect regarding your security deposit at the end of your lease.
  • All About Sublets
    Subletting your space is not a decision you can make by yourself. You should read your lease and check with your landlord to find out if you are allowed to sublet your space and if there are any restrictions or guidelines you must follow. This link will help you learn more tips about subletting.